Can the PALS Panthers take home the GOLD for the 2021 Tri-State Games?

Postponed in 2020 due to the Victorian Covid-19 restrictions, the Tri-State Games are proposed to commence this November 2021  in Cobram / Barooga and Yarrawonga townships.

The Games will be held locally again in 2022. 

 The Tri-State Games are an annual weeklong event for people with disabilities.

The athlete’s oath:

“In the name of all athletes, I promise,
we can and we will do our best,
at the Tri-State games,
in the true spirit of friendship and sportsmanship”


Be Bold,
be courageous,
be your best

Certificate II in Community Services

Congrtulations to Gemma, Jess, Kelly and Chloe whom supported by Marianne recently completed their Certificate II in Community Services at the Cobram Community House . Attending every Tuesday for the past 12 months!


“What we learn with pleasure,
we never forget”


“You’re listing to 101.3 OAK FM,

This is DJ JAMES comin’ to ya live!”…

James has always had a passion for the media industry and in particular radio. PALS continues to support James in reaching his goals and he now attends OAK FM 101.3 one day a fortnight to receive radio presenter training from his mentor.

What a fantastic opportunity for both DJ ”JAMES” and OAK FM 101.3

Congratulations James on your dedication and enthusiasm towards achieving your goal of being on the radio.

PALS would like to thank OAK FM 101.3 for helping make James dreams a reality.

Even on his days off from OAK FM, James continues to pursue his passion.  Recently we set up a visit to Tripple M radio station in Shepparton for James to have a sneak peak behind the scenes… he must have made an impression there also… click on the sound bite below to hear their “shout out” to James.



A personal goal for Jess was to be able to be independently get herself around, which meant getting her driver’s license.

After dedication and commitment to her driving lessons Jess passed her driving test and now officially a ‘P’ plater!

Well-done to Jess, all her hard work and dedication paid off


Jimmy Barnes!

Damo  got to meet one of his idols Jimmy Barnes in Wangaratta recently and received a signed copy of his book ‘Working Class Boy’.