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PALS assists people living with a disability, their families and carers to consider how they might live their best life.


PALS assists you to meet your needs, goals and aspirations – we aim to facilitate access to the best support and services available in your communities.


We can do this in a group, with your friends, or introduce you to new people or on your own. It’s your choice!


PALS aims to provide high quality outcome and evidence-based supports that meet your individual needs.


‘To live a long healthy, happy and active life.’

A healthy lifestyle is  important and the components that make up a healthy lifestyle differ for every individual.

PALS will endeavour to deliver an individual and unique experience for you and are able to offer activities such as bike riding, gym, foot spa, make up, massage, golf or zumba just to name a few.


As the garden grows so does the gardener’.

Horticulture uses knowledge, skills and technologies to grow plants for human food and non-human food uses.

If you have a keen interest in this area or wish to grow your skills in a certain area of horticulture we are able to design a service to suit your specific interests and needs.


‘To build your skills – To be safe in your community’

Life skills are behaviours that allow us to appropriately manage our personal affairs.

We are able to help clients develop any life skills they wish to build on, these skills can range from budgeting to bike repairs to meal preparation.

‘To enjoy and participate in your community’

Recreational Activities

Recreational activities facilitate the refreshment of one’s mind, they can be communal or solitary, active or passive and indoors or outdoors. Recreation is important in everyday lives as it helps to rejuvenate and stimulate the body and mind and also provide a refreshing break from normal everyday activities.

The enjoyment of recreational activities depends solely on the individual and their personal tastes, due to this we are able to cater for a wide range of recreational activities as we understand that not one thing appeals to everyone

The Arts

Every artist was first an amateur.

Art is a creative outlet that allows us to express emotions in ways we may not otherwise be able to do.

Build on or discover your passion for the arts with us..

the options are as varied as the choices

dance, music, drama, quilting, crafts… the posibillities are endless.

Business Employment Training

‘Gain skills, active learning opportunities and work experience’

Wanting to enter the workforce?

PALS will support you either in gaining experience within one of our Social Enterprises or a we’ll assist you in developing your skills to enter the workforce.


‘Navigate your community – be an active participant’

There’s so much to be part of in our community, and we’ll make sure your amongst it all….

clubs, sporting groups, entertainment, libraries public transport and a host of community services that you can participate in.

We can assit you in building your social skills to ensure whatever you choose to get involved in, you will have a positive experience.

A structured program to increase your leaning and understanding’


Education is an ongoing part of everyone’s lives, although we leave an educational setting such as ‘school’ we never truly stop learning.

PALS partners with local training providers to encourage you to continue learning and we’ll be right there with you to assist in achieving your educational goals.

This may include education in, numeracy and literacy, woodwork, retail and warehousing, editorial skills or gaining a TAFE certificate.

Visit our hubs:


7 Dillon St,


VIC 3644

24 O’Connor St,


VIC 3636


Corporate Office

Suite 8, Level 1/3 Witt Street,
Yarrawonga VIC 3730

PO Box 735
Yarrawonga VIC 3730

Phone: 03 5862 2641

Fax: 03 5862 2677

Email: info@palsinc.org.au

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