Social Enterprises

Our social enterprises have been developed to enable clients to gain employment skills whilst being in a supported environment. It also allows the customer to volunteer in a community setting, where they can engage with a wide range of people.


Should customers wish to work in one of the business enterprises, PALS will work with them to develop and build the appropriate skills allowing them to successfully work in each individual enterprise or even help them start their own.

Nifty & Thrifty

Our Opportunity Shops located in Cobram and Numurkah will give you the chance to develop retail skills, communication skills, work ethic a spot of horticulture and most importantly gets you interacting daily within the wider community

It’s also a great place to bag a bargin
from furniture to clothes and bric’n brac.

Why not pop in and say G’day,
there’s so many treasures to  find

96 Broadway St Cobram VIC 3644

95 Melville St Numurkah VIC 3636

You grow it…

we’ll mow it!

There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh cut grass…. “Especially when someone else does it for you”

Our lawn mowing service enables you to interact with people in the community and encourages team work in a positive environment to get the job done.

Flower Power

Brighten up your office, workspace or shop front with fresh flowers sourced locally, arranged beautifully and delivered to you door.

Studies have shown that being surrounded by flowers and greenery can have a positive effect on our happiness and wellbeing,  so could bringing more flowers and greenery in to the office working environment help improve our wellbeing and increase productivity?

Simply adding some greenery in the form of flowers or indoor plants can have major positive benefits for employees and their organisations. The same goes for remote or home workers, too.

What more reason do you need to invest in “flower power” – contact us today!

Nailed It!

Our experienced staff love to share their passion for woodwork by guiding you in building and construct a variety of products from:

  • Cubby Houses
  • Cubby Kitchens
  • Tables and chairs
  • Planter boxes
  • & upcycled timber products which are sold to the public through our Op Shops or direct.


go on, spoil yourself…

If you’re looking to host a small gathering and would like to outsource your culinary skills to allow you more time for other things, why not contact PALS to see if they can put together a great spread like this!

When you got there the cupboard was bare???

We’ve got you covered for School lunches

Running late and don’t have time to pack the kids a healthy nutritious lunch?

Numurkah Primary School canteen is catered for by PALS.  Each day we collect the orders, prepare them and drop them back to the school. 

This is a great way to gain skills in the preparation and serving of food to the school children and also a great way to build social engagement skills through various forms of interaction.

Keep up to date with the Advisor

We’ll drop it off right to your door!

Many Numurkah residents have the Advisor delivered to their homes each week.  Be part of this great program that gets you out in the fresh air, and interacting with the public whilst performing a community service.