NDIS services & Support Coordination

Personal Care

PALS Inc can provide attendantcare or put clients in touch with services that can assist in personal care & household tasks. This could include assisting with eating, dressing, bathing, shaving, personal hygiene, lifting/transferring and the taking of medication.

Skill Development Programs

Skill Development Programs can assist our clients in learning cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping, money skills, transport and getting around as well as other daily living skills that you would like to learn.

Support Coordination

Participants who have Support Coordination in their plan work with our Support Coordinator to learn what is possible with their NDIS plan, choose how they will spend their funds and find the services they want within their plan and the community.

We help you to get the most out of your life, not just your NDIS plan.

    NDIS Registration Groups

    Pals is a registered NDIS provider.

    What does this mean?

    Registered providers must show the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission evidence that they have the systems and processes in place that will ensure they have the competency to provide safe and high-quality services to People living with Disability that meet the national NDIS Practice Standards.

    PALS is registered to provide the following groups of supports:

    • Group/Centre Activities;  (subject to TTP)
    • Specialised Disability Accommodation;
    • Participate Community;  (subject to TTP)
    • Household Tasks;
    • Development-Life Skills;
    • Innovative Community Participation;
    • Daily Tasks/Shared Living;
    • Assist-Travel/Transport;
    • Assist-Personal Activities;  (subject to TTP)
    • Assist-Life Stage, Transition (Support Coordination);
    • Assist Personal Activities (High);  (subject to TTP)
    • Assist Access/Maintain Employment;
    • Accommodation/Tenancy.

    NDIS Prices

    PALS is a registered NDIS support provider, and eligible Temporary Transformation Provider (TTP), as such, some of our prices as indicated above are charged at the TTP Pricing suggested within the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits 2021-22 (previously the NDIS Price Guide).

    To view the most current NDIS pricing arrangements and further information please click on the link below.


    Corporate Office

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