Preparation for 2024’s Tri State Games is currently underway and creating huge buzz around our hubs. It has been so great to see people taking an active role in planning and decision-making this year, kicking off with the nomination process for PALS Panthers’ captain held earlier in June. It was fantastic to see our team supporting people to prepare in the week prior to election day.

The election process was taken seriously, with nominees required to state their case in a speech outlining why they would make great PALS Panther’s captains. All nominees thought carefully about what traits were important and how they would support their teammates.

It was a close race but in the end, but Melita, Andy, Nathan and Hayley were democratically selected for these important leadership roles.

Congratulations to all nominees but especially to our elected 2024 PALS Panthers captains!

PALS Panthers absolutely roared at the 2023 event, taking home 70+ medals overall, excelling at a range of events. This exceptional effort resulted in the Panthers sharing the Best Overall Team win and ‘Perpetual Shield’ (pictured) alongside South Australia’s Arrows.

The Panther’s spirit is strong at PALS, with the team keen bring home the trophy again in November this year when the Games will be held in Portland, VIC.

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